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While I was setting up my office at home I realized I have collected over the years quite a bit of materials, and other random supplies.  For the sake of productivity and to help clean out my workspace I sketched up some ideas for a nice portable cart that my materials could live in.  I needed the project to …

1) Stay in a pretty small budget (after all, this is just a container)

2) Go well with the 48″ modular I already have set up in the office


3) Hold not only the wood and metal materials (mostly sticks) I have on hand, but hold my paper materials which are larger format, as well.

I sketched out a pretty simple system that involved using one 4’x8′ sheet of laminated plywood and folding it into a u-shape using three planes.  I built a framing and wheel assembly on the underside of the “u” and connected the two vertical planes with two inner trays using 1″ dowels as spacers.  This helped to add a nice reveal in the cart to make it seem as though the two inner trays were hovering inside the “u” shape.  It also was beneficial because I can stick smaller objects like rulers, and t-squares between the 1″ spaces at the two longer sides of the tray.  The trays are set up just to act as partitions or dividers, and all the materials rest vertically while being supported in compression by the plane at the bottom of the “u”

I gave the inner trays a light finish and the outer planes a dark ebony finish.  This was also to show a visual lightness inside the “u” shape, that in a lot of ways is a cradle for my materials and supplies.  All in all, the project cost about $60 and was so worth it.  It cleared out and entire closet in my apartment as well as a lot of the clutter around my desk.



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