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LACK Explanation for IKEA Hackers

I posted this coffee table on Ikeahackers a little while ago, and had a bit of demand for the explanation of how the table is assembled and images of the underside.,  Below I have made a few drawings of the assembly methods.
The only additional items you will need aside from the two Lack shelves and Brackets are 6 triangle wedges (to make the legs appear to bend outward I cut them at 14 degrees, this can vary slightly) some 1 1/14″ wood screws, wood glue, 3 pieces of dimensioned lumber (the size is up to you), the 6′ long wooden piece that will accent the center of the table, (color and size of the this is your preference, I used 6′ L x 1/2″ W x 1 3/4″ D).

I will have to admit, the legs did not originally bend outward.  When I was moving it one day, I saw them slightly pulling outward with the friction and really liked the look of it (some what like a cartoon character dog flopping around if that analogy makes sense… )  So I re designed it with the triangle wedges or “shims.”


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