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On the shorter side.

I was working on this towards the end of winter 2012.  I knew I wanted something a lot smaller than the 50’s style 6′ Buffet I found while driving through Pennsylvania for an incredible $20.00.  At 4′ in length it is the perfect size for the room, and a great resource for storing all of our media and music.  It is 30″ high with compartments sized for vinyl records and laptops.


It has been a fickle battle trying to get the living room exactly proportioned.  The room is fairly small, but has great light most of the year.  I have been really pushing for this “little parlor” feel for the space.  Surrounded by lots of compartmentalized color on the wall and ceiling for extra depth, and smaller tailored light wood furniture pieces that each have their own little coordinates to the proportion of the wall colors.  This is believe makes the room both a celebration of color and object in tandem.

buffet sketch

The original sketch for the piece ended up becoming a schism between symmetry and asymmetry.  It haunted me for a bit, to the point where I found myself arguing in my head with certain professors from the past.  Ultimately, the means outweighed the conceptual argument and the piece was built symmetrical, (if you don’t count the grain on the panels).  The legs are cherry and were recycled from an Occasional table I found in Bushwick.  I half sanded them leaving some of the residual stain and sealant.  I hope when the pine begins to age and darken brown it will compliment the legs more.


I am happy with the piece and I like that I could flip it around and have no doors with all the faces open.  Working on it has definitely raised the bar, and made me realize how much time, thought, and precision I need to account for.  What helped the most was bumping up the scale of the drawings so that a lot of the additional work like hardware and structuring could be determined earlier on.




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